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The harvest of 2023 will remain etched in our memories as a unique experience, blending success and challenges. In the heart of our vineyard 🍇, this season revealed its distinct character, combining uneven ripening due to particular weather conditions.

Although the harvest was marked by uneven ripening in our plots, we take pride in having risen to the challenge 💪. The unusual duration of the harvest (4 weeks) was due to the necessity of picking each plot at its precise moment of optimal ripeness. It’s thanks to the expertise of Stéphane 🕵️ that we were able to bring out the best in each grape, thus preserving the quality that characterizes our wines.

Favorable weather conditions contributed to this excellent harvest, despite a few thunderstorm episodes. This generosity of nature 🌱 added a unique dimension to our wines, promising a very rich aromatic palette for our Sauvignon Blanc. A vintage focused on freshness and thiols.

Beyond the technical challenges, a cheerful atmosphere prevailed among our team throughout this crucial period. The shared passion for our profession and the love for wine 💕 allowed us to maintain a steady and efficient pace to fulfill our mission to the best of our abilities.

The 2023 harvest has been a captivating adventure, showcasing our ability to rise to the challenge with determination and expertise. The combination of good weather conditions and a passionate team has shaped the success of this harvest.

Now it’s time for the completion of fermentations for some of our tanks and the beginning of the aging process for others. Each vintage we bottle will carry the imprint 🐾 of these particular harvests, and we are delighted to invite you to discover them soon.