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Origine range


Touraine rouge

Easy to drink and light red wine, with good structure fruits aromas. To be drunk young to enjoy the gourmands notes.

  • Cold cuts buffets, poultry, barbecue. 13°C-14°C


IGP Val de Loire

Beautiful aromas and floral intensity. Soft attack and well-balanced with dried fruits and white flower.

•   To be served chilled with white meat, terrines or to make kir. 8°C-10°C


Touraine Rosé

Neatness and bright color. At the nose, a pleasant mix of spices and raspberry.

  • Cold meat, barbecue or fruits salad. 8°C-10°C

Terroir range


Touraine sauvignon

This Sauvignon Blanc has an intense nose of yellow and citrus fruits. The attack is lively, with plenty of body and, a lot of acidic freshness, as well as exotics fruits notes.

•  Fish, seafood. 8°C-10°C

La Fosse Poudrée

Touraine rouge

A rich fleshy wine, spicy and racy. There are strong tannins present on the palate that balance well with the ripe fruit background. Best when matured for several years to allow the red fruit notes to develop.

  • Cooked red meat dishes, coq au vin or game. Serve at room temperature. 18°C-20°C


Touraine Oisly

This wine has a great aromatic intensity with complexity and elegance very typicity of this terroir.

• Fish in sauce, scallop, oyster, cheese. 11°C-12°C

Clos de Châtres

IGP Val de Loire

Chardonnay gives to the wine a clear gold colour and a complexity and lightly toasted notes on the palate.

  • Appetizer, smoked salmon or goat cheese. 11°C-12°C


Touraine Rouge

Old vines of Malbec and Cabernet Franc allow a structured wine with red fruits matured aromas

• Beef ribs, duck confit or red fruits dessert. 18°C-20°C


Chenin IGP Val de Loire

This sweet and delicate wine from the grape variety Chenin seduces us with subtil confits fruits aromas, honey and a hint of vanilla.

  • Appetizer or apple and almond dessert. 8°C-10°C

Resistant Grape Variety


IGP val de loire

This cuvée is made with 100% resistant grape variety named Floréal. It’s a new vine which resists to the cryptogamic diseases and doesn’t need cheemical or organic treatments !

• Seafood and fishs. 9-11 °C

Sparkling wines

Fines Bulles

Touraine Méthode Traditionnelle

Brut sparkling. Light nose precedes fresh mouth that blend aromas and fineness.

  • To be served chilled with the appetizer or during lunch with friends et family.

Perle de Rose

Touraine Méthode Traditionnelle

Red fruits notes combines soupleness and freshness. It’s perfect to be served an evening with friends.

•  To be served chilled with red fruits dessert or chocolate sucker-shoot.